Tru Mantra – 1-2-3

Tru Mantra – 1-2-3

Tru Mantra – 1-2-3 Mp3 Download & Lyrics

A soul-stirring sound is introduced by well-known Nigeria Christian musician Tru Mantra. The most recent song by Tru Mantra is titled 1-2-3.

This type of music, which is infused with eternal life—kind God's of life, not any other kind—is what people should be listening to. Get the song down below as soon as possible, then share it with everyone.

The already well-known song was live-recorded and will be included on their upcoming Honest Offering album. It has a lovely melody and captivating vocals.

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  • Author: Leo Ifeanyi
  • Artist(s): Tru Mantra
  • Track: 1-2-3
  • Music category: Audio/mpeg
  • Released Date: 2023

1-2-3 by Tru Mantra can be heard here. Comment below with your thoughts.

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Tru Mantra – 1-2-3 Lyrics:


1-2- 3

1-2- 3

Take a look at me

Tell me what you see

Verse 1:

Oh no, Mr. Blow Blow,

I got eyeballs on your M.O

Looking fly on the outside

But your innards needing chemo

I got the ammo

I know you’re on the up and up

I see the pictures on Insta,

Flash, flash, click, click, lock!

Mallorca to Playa Vista, hole up

It’s time for another selfie, chin up

Gotta get the angle just right on your iPhone

Duck, duck

Gotta get your girl’s pout locked in,

Honey pucker up

Take a seat Narcissus, ah,

You know it ain’t like that

Everybody thinks you’re cool

You ain’t got it like that

You know the emptiness you feel inside

Why you frontin’ like that?

Touche Mr. Broadway gonna keep stuntin’ like that?

Listen, my man, how long can you keep this up?

Tied up in knots so tight inside

You know you’re fit to pop

Suave and debonair on the outside

But on the inside, all beat up

Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses anymore

Just stop


1-2- 3

1-2- 3

Take a look at me

Tell me what you see

Verse 2:

You’re so vain you appear to be popping

You’re so fly we can see you are coming

Just be upfront, don’t be fronting

Lust of the flesh got a grip on you

You were covered by the blood but it creeped on you

When you’re home alone like Mac Culkin

Do you fight the thief when he’s knocking?

Or you open the door and let him come in?

Bible verse and buttock exhibition

What a weird juxtaposition

To go from grass to grace

You don’t need to catch a case

You don’t need to become two-faced

I know sometimes it’s hard to show your real face

Let the son (sun) in

Let the light shine, this is nighttime

Let the father take you to your own place

Then people will see your true face

Enjoy Below:

Everyone should listen to the lovely song 1-2-3, which was released to the public in 2023 by the gifted and magnificent vocalist. It is widely known that this artist has been acknowledged for his tireless efforts to ensure that he provides his fans with fresh music both locally and worldwide.

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