Aime Uwimana – Indirimbo Zo Mu Gitabo [Album]

Aime Uwimana – Indirimbo Zo Mu Gitabo [Album]

Aime Uwimana – Indirimbo Zo Mu Gitabo [Album]

A soul-stirring sound is introduced by well-known Rwanda Christian musician Aime Uwimana. The most recent song by Aime Uwimana is titled Indirimbo Zo Mu Gitabo.

This type of music, which is infused with eternal life—kind God's of life, not any other kind—is what people should be listening to. Get the song down below as soon as possible, then share it with everyone.

The already well-known song was live-recorded and will be included on their upcoming Honest Offering album. It has a lovely melody and captivating vocals.



  • Author: Leo Ifeanyi
  • Artist(s): Aime Uwimana
  • Track: Indirimbo Zo Mu Gitabo
  • Music category: Audio/mpeg
  • Released Date: 2023

Indirimbo Zo Mu Gitabo by Aime Uwimana can be heard here. Comment below with your thoughts.

Additionally, listening to relaxing music before bed can aid in body and mind relaxation, which promotes better sleep.

You can download and stream this brand-new song, "Indirimbo Zo Mu Gitabo," for free on

Without further ado, be sure to download the gospel songs by clicking the link below, and be sure to share them with your loved ones.

Enjoy Below:

Aime Uwimana – Indirimbo Zo Mu Gitabo [Album] Tracklists:

1. Aime Uwimana – Mu gihe cyo gusenga

2. Aime Uwimana – Jye ndi umukristo

3. Aime Uwimana – Nishimiye ko menye rwose

4. Aime Uwimana – Untware

5. Aime Uwimana – Yesu niwe nihishemo

6. Aime Uwimana – Yesu niwe nshuti yacu

7. Aime Uwimana – Unjye imbere

8. Aime Uwimana – Nkunda kwizigira Yesu

9. Aime Uwimana – Kubana na Yesu

10. Aime Uwimana – Mana nkuko wafashaga

11. Aime Uwimana – Ibyo Imana ikora

12. Aime Uwimana – Numva Yesu anyemeza

13. Aime Uwimana – Umpe kukwegera

14. Aime Uwimana – Amasezerano yose

15. Aime Uwimana – Iteka nagendaga

16. Aime Uwimana – Nabonye umkunzi mwiza

17. Aime Uwimana – Yemwe bungeri ba kera

18. Aime Uwimana – N’iki cyankiza ibyaha

19. Aime Uwimana – Ndegera umusaraba

20. Aime Uwimana – Ai gitare cy’Imana

21. Aime Uwimana – Mwami utuvubire imvura

22. Aime Uwimana – Ni igihe gito

23. Aime Uwimana – Ntabwo nkwiye kujya niganyira

24. Aime Uwimana – Ibyaha byanjye Yesu yarabyikoreye

25. Aime Uwimana – Nari mboshywe rwose

26. Aime Uwimana – AbaYesu Bishimira

27. Aime Uwimana – Hafi Y’umucunguzi

28. Aime Uwimana – Jye Mpisemo Yesu

29. Aime Uwimana – Mukiza Numvise Ijwi

30. Aime Uwimana – Murebe Urukundo

31. Aime Uwimana – Ni Yesu Wangize Kuba Umuvandimwe we

32. Aime Uwimana – Nishimiye Ko Menye Rwose

33. Aime Uwimana – Nitegereje Umusaraba

34. Aime Uwimana – Sinzibagirwa Igihe Nakizwaga

35. Aime Uwimana – Umpe Akanya Yesu

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