MP3 DOWNLOAD: Pastor Mike Mamvong - The Signs of True Sons | [Sermon]

The Signs of True Sons | [Sermon]
Pastor Mike Mamvong - The Signs of True Sons | [Sermon]

SERMON: The Signs of True Sons by Pst Mike Mamvong.

Pastor Mike Mamvong, a well-known and anointed Christian preacher, shared a stirring sermon in which he discussed "The Signs of True Sons."

Being a "SON" is not just a title, but also a responsibility, according to this sermon. The term "SON" includes both genders and does not just refer to men (male and female). Being a son entails bowing down to your father's authority. There are indicators of true sonship: A true son will make men fall in love with his father, while a fake son or daughter will look like his dad. Real sons and daughters will always be a part of the family and are steadfast. They are sons and daughters for all time. Listen to this sermon right away.

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