Don Moen – Give Thanks (Hebrew) ft. Joshua Aaron

Give Thanks (Hebrew)
Don Moen – Give Thanks (Hebrew) ft. Joshua Aaron

Don Moen – Give Thanks (Hebrew) ft. Joshua Aaron Mp3 Download

Don Moen ft. Joshua Aarona renowned figure in American Christian music, enters with a soul-stirring sound. Give Thanks (Hebrew) is the name of preacher Don Moen ft. Joshua Aaron' most recent song.

This is the type of music that one should be listening to since it is filled with eternal life—kind God's of life, not any other sort. Get the tune down below right away, then spread it along to everyone.

The already popular song, which boasts a lovely melody and mesmerizing vocals, was live-recorded and will appear on their upcoming Honest Offering album.


  • Author: Leo Ifeanyi
  • Artist(s): Don Moen
  • Track: Give Thanks (Hebrew) ft. Joshua Aaron
  • Music category: Audio/mpeg
  • Released Date: 2023

Give Thanks (Hebrew) by Don Moen ft. Joshua Aaron can be heard here. Comment below with your thoughts.

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Lyrics Here:

Give Thanks

Give thanks with a grateful heart
Give thanks to the Holy One
Give thanks because He’s given
Jesus Christ His Son

And now let the weak say I am strong
Let the poor say I am rich
Because of what the Lord has done for us

Hodu lo belev maleh
הודו לו בלב מלא
Hodu lo belev modeh
הודו לו בלב מודה
Hodu ki et Yeshua
הודו כי את ישוע
Meshicho Natan
משיחו נתן

Yomar he’ani, Ani ashir
יאמר העני, אני עשיר
Hechalash chazak Ani
החלש חזק אני
Ekev kol chasdo harav alay
עקב כל חסדו הרב עלי

We give thanks

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