Angel Benard – Nikumbushe Wema Wako [Album]

Angel Benard – Nikumbushe Wema Wako [Album]

Angel Benard – Nikumbushe Wema Wako [Album] Download

Angel Benard, a renowned figure in African Christian music, enters with a soul-stirring sound. Nikumbushe Wema Wako is the name of preacher Angel Benard' most recent song.

This is the type of music that one should be listening to since it is filled with eternal life—kind God's of life, not any other sort. Get the tune down below right away, then spread it along to everyone.

The already popular song, which boasts a lovely melody and mesmerizing vocals, was live-recorded and will appear on their upcoming Honest Offering album.

  • Author: Leo Ifeanyi
  • Artist(s): Angel Benard
  • Track: Nikumbushe Wema Wako
  • Music category: Audio/mpeg
  • Released Date: 2023

Nikumbushe Wema Wako by Angel Benard can be heard here. Comment below with your thoughts.

Additionally, listening to relaxing music before bed can aid in body and mind relaxation, which promotes better sleep.

Nikumbushe Wema Wako Tracklists:

1. Angel Benard – I Still Believe

2. Angel Benard – Nikumbushe Wema Wako

3. Angel Benard – Siteketei

4. Angel Benard – Salama

5. Angel Benard – Kiu Yangu

6. Angel Benard – Utukumbuke

7. Angel Benard – Mungu Nilinde

8. Angel Benard – Asante

9. Angel Benard – I Surrender

10. Angel Benard – Need You to Reign

11. Angel Benard – Have Your Way

12. Angel Benard – Jana Leo New Day

13. Angel Benard – Nimebadilishwa Jina

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